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SurakshaSeva is established with an intention to provide sound IT advice and service to premium corporations of all the industries. SurkshaSeva Services, based in Varanasi, India, aspires to be one of the leading IT service provider in the country. Our areas of expertise are CCTV Surveillance System, RFID & Biometric System, Computer Services, AMC, Network Installation, Web Development, Android Mobile Development and Windows Development.


We are a big team of skilled IT professionals with theoretical understanding and practical experience of the technology they work on. This is the main reason our service enable the customer to have the most out of their websites and software and have an edge over their competitors.


WHY SurakshaSeva ?

We can easily manage high volume of IT business altogether at any moment. We are good at providing innovation and flexibility and thus work under customized situations for every client. You can trust us to have a long term partnership with you as a client; we understand the importance of professionalism and building relationship alongside that. We are also very flexible to last minute changes, it is important to be adaptable to that.

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